Crime Prevention Tips

Community Crime Prevention Tips - April 2012

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Internet and Cell Phone Safety: It’s a Teen’s World
There’s a world to explore. You may like honing your talents at school and achieving your best grades, but you also know that adventures await and there are many new things to discover. You can begin your explorations on the internet, but it presents risks as well as opportunities. The same is true of all the new electronic wireless devices that everyone seems to carry.

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Community Crime Prevention Tips - December 2011

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Crime Warnings and Prevention Tips
Thefts from Vehicles:
Unattended vehicles are being targeted again. No one ever thinks their vehicle will be broken into, but recently, this is happening with greater frequency. That vehicle driving around the parking lot at retail centers, workout facilities and down your streets may not be a patron or residents. Thefts from vehicles at retail centers, workout facilities and residential streets continue to be a problem.

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