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Get Wise About Wireless

[Super] [Cyber] [Smart]
Remember These Three Words and Have Fun With Your Wireless Device!

Wireless devices present lots of advantages for today's on-the-go young people, and young cell phone users also need to be syber smart. Both kids and their parents need to be super cyber aware and discuss the tips for kids and the answers to the quiz presented below.

Here are some tips to remember:

• Know who is texting or calling you.

• Know what not to send. The impact of words or pictures can be harmful.

• know whether you should respond. If you receive a word or text message that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell a parent or a trusted adult.

Your cell phone is supposed to be used to:

• Help you get in touch with your friends and family.

• Summon help in an emergency.

• Get information you need anytime.

Take control of your own safety by:

• Programming your family and friends' numbers into your phone.

• Knowing whom to contact in case of an emergency.

• Not replying to inappropriate text messages.

• Being courteous when talking and texting, because aggressive behavior online and on phones can have serious consequences.


• Your friend tells you about a cool new game that you can download on your cell phone. YOU

(a) find the link on the Internet and download the game;
(b) ask your parents first because there may be a charge to your account; or
(c) give your friend your phone and have him download the game for you.

• You receive a picture message from a classmate that makes you feel uncomfortable. YOU
(a) send back a text message telling him to leave you alone.
(b) show your parent when you get home; or
(c) send it to a friend and ask what he or she thinks.

• You receive an inappropriate text message from someone you don't know. YOU
(a) respond to the text;
(b) ignore it and hope it does not happen again; or
(c) don't respond and take your phone to a parent or other trusted adult.

• Your friends are sending around an embarrassing picture message of a classmate. YOU
(a) forward it when you receive it.
(b) ignore it - this kind of thing happens all the time; or
(c) tell your friends to stop this mean and inappropiate behavior.

• You receive a text message to meet someone you don't know. YOU
(a) respond and ask who it is.
(b) don't respond and tell a parent or trusted adult; or

(c) go to meet the person, who sounds cool.


If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Shawn Brownell at (818) 878-5506.


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