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Ferrel cat to combat rats.

02 Feb 2015 09:05 - 02 Feb 2015 09:56 #180 by Stacy Sledge
Ferrel cat to combat rats. was created by Stacy Sledge
I had such a mouse and rat problem when I first moved into my home. I choose not to use poisons. I called a 'rat expert' who trapped all the rats he could find (a nest of them were in my attic), but most importantly, he surveyed all the 'openings' around my home and closed them. However, time marches on, and outside I have lots of rats. So, I found a solution that has served me very well over the past 5 years. It will cost you some cat food, but that's about it. Go adopt the wildest ferrel cat that Agoura Hills Animal Shelter has to offer.

Bring the cat home in a cage and don't let it out for 2-3 weeks. Feed it small amounts of food every morning and evening outside the same door to your house. Then, when you let the cat out of its cage, he will know to come to the door when hungry. Make associated sounds he can relate to. Granted, you may get clawed when putting down the food in front of him, so be careful.

My rat problem is virtually non existent. Everyday, I still feed our ferrel, who is lovingly called "Hellboy". I give him enough food to still encourage him to go catch his own food. My lizard population went down slightly, but most of the lizards simply have shorter tails. ;)
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02 Feb 2015 13:18 - 02 Feb 2015 13:20 #181 by WMC
Replied by WMC on topic Ferrel cat to combat rats.

Having a feral cat patrol the outside of your house for rats is a fine idea except that in Topanga you are likely going to be feeding a coyote before too long. In past years I have had rats make a mess under the house and solved the problem with a product called the Rat Zapper. It is a small plastic box open at one end and a small metal plate at the other end. It uses 4 AA batteries and when the rat steps on the metal plate it is zapped dying of a heart attack. A light blinks on top to indicate it did the job and you slide the dead rat into a plastic bag to dispose of it. No blood, no sticky mess, and rather humane. If a really big rat sets it off and gets away I then use lithium batteries. I don't recommend outdoor use as it can kill a small squirrel. After persistent use rats seem to have permanently vacated my property. As for rats outside they tend to be tree rats and I let them be although they seem to have disappeared as well. You can also use the Rat Zapper indoors as well. They are available at most hardware stores like Franklin's where I bought mine a number of years ago for around $50. Whatever you do, NEVER USE RAT POISONS!!
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