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Wildfire Preparedness Week Is Upon Us


4 Things You Should Know During Wildfire Preparedness Week

A Message from Southern California Edison. 

"Wildfire Mitigation Plan

In February, SCE filed a Wildfire Mitigation Plan with the California Public Utilities Commission, which is now in the final phases of the regulatory approval process. The plan reflects SCE’s overarching commitment to the safety of the communities we serve, first responders and SCE employees who work with them to address the threat of wildfires.

We have already started our work in high fire risk areas to mitigate wildfire threats. This includes:

· Comprehensive infrastructure inspections
· Identifying, pruning, or removing trees that pose potential risks
· Installing up to 160 high-tech cameras to help monitor up to half of the state-designated high fire risk areas served by SCE. As of now, 70 of the 160 high-tech cameras are installed. Click here to see what the cameras are seeing!
· Installing 850 weather stations by the end of 2020. 125 weather stations were installed in 2018 and our goal for 2019 is to install 315. The weather stations are mounted on utility poles and have various sensors that provide real-time weather data, including wind speed and wind gust, temperature, humidity and solar data every 10 minutes.

For more information on SCE's wildfire mitigation efforts visit SCE.com/safety/wildfire.

Supporting Nonprofit Partners in SCE's Service Territory

Edison International is working with some of our most forward-thinking nonprofit partners that focus on the environment and emergency preparedness, by adding $3 million to the nearly $2 million we spent in 2018 to support wildfire mitigation, prevention and community resiliency efforts.

The Power of Being Prepared

SCE is partnering with other energy providers on a statewide safety and awareness campaign, The Power of Being Prepared, to prepare Californians for the threat of extreme weather and Public Safety Power Shutoff during times of increased wildfire danger.

Public Safety Power Shutoff is an operational practice where we preemptively shut off power in specifically targeted, localized high fire risk areas to reduce fire risk during extreme and potentially dangerous fire weather conditions.

The effort is a call to action for all Californians to take important steps to get ready before the height of the 2019 wildfire season, such as creating an emergency plan and updating their contact information with their energy companies. Learn more at prepareforpowerdown.com.


We're tweeting all month long about wildfire preparedness. Join the conversation with Local Public Affairs on Twitter at @SCE_PublicAff. Consider retweeting to share with your online community wildfire preparedness tips and how we're addressing wildfire threats.

Get wildfire preparedness tips from CalFire at www.readyforwildfire.org."

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