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End the Poison Chain

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The Rodenticide Problem
A message from LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl: "Will you join me in pledging to #EndthePoisonChain? The use of anticoagulant rodenticide (rat poison) in your yard, your neighborhood, and your community does great harm to mountain lions, bobcats, and even your pets. 

The Santa Monica Mountains Fund and National Park Service are looking to sign up 10,000 community members who will refrain from using these deadly poisons. Learn more and take the pledge at samofund.org/takethepledge."

According to the Santa Monica Mountains Fund, some alternatives to using these harmful poisons are: 

- Sealing up entry points into your house, attic, garage, and crawl spaces, using 1/4 inch wire, steel wool, foam, weather stripping, and metal sheeting to close up holes.
- Trimming or removing thick vegetation where rodents nest.
- Limiting attractants such as pet food left outdoors, burd feeders, easily accessible fruit trees, and trash that is not properly sealed.
- Mechanical traps.

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