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SCE Deploys Battery Storage to Help With State Energy Needs
SCE is working to bring enough battery storage online in 2024 to power 145,000 homes.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to use the energy produced by the sun at night? We can do that now with battery storage! As part of our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases, Southern California Edison (SCE) believes that battery storage is a fundamental component of a cleaner, more resilient, more cost-effective electric grid. Storage helps us to integrate renewable energy resources, which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the state’s clean air goals. Battery storage is to electricity as your cell phone charger is to extending the use of your phone!

Recent Progress

- SCE is working with the state to bring 580 megawatts of battery storage online by 2024, which is enough electricity to power 145,000 homes. And we have almost reached our goal

- In 2017, we have signed contracts for more than 400 megawatts of battery storage, which is nearly double the amount that was installed in the entire nation in 2015.

- SCE was ranked No. 2 by the Smart Electric Power Alliance as an energy storage utility. This annual market survey reflects the number of new storage megawatts, or capacity, installed on behalf of customers.

What is Battery Storage?

This is the ability to store energy for use when needed. Although battery storage is used every day on a small scale (for household use such as electronics), only recently has energy storage evolved for use on a mass scale.

Today’s large-scale batteries will allow SCE to capture and store energy during times of low demand, such as mornings when energy is plentiful and inexpensive, and use it during times of high demand, such as late afternoons/evenings when energy is in short supply and more expensive. 

The Benefits of Battery Storage include ...

- Supports the electric grid by increasing power reliability and resiliency
- Helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
- Helps to integrate renewable energy resources
- Provides additional capacity to the electric grid
- Offsets traditional ways of meeting energy demand (i.e., SCE may avoid some need for new power plants, transmission lines, or distribution circuits)

Click here for more information on SCE's battery storage progress.

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