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Topanga Town Council - March 20 meeting

TCB Road Closure 2024 Rain Storm

Caltrans To Answer Tuna Road Concerns
Posted:  March 20, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.

The Topanga Town Çouncil hears your concerns and has extended an invitation to Caltrans to provide an update on the emergency mudslides affecting the Topanga at the Town Council's meeting on Wednesday, March 20 at 6:00pm at the Topanga Library.  Obviously, the mudslides are an unexpected emergency event and Caltrans does not have the ability to engage with residents beforehand.  However, it realizes the extreme difficulities and hardship the community is suffering from the extended road closures on TCB and along PCH at Big Rock.  
 Because many of you and others are using Tuna and Las Flores as an alternate route, serious concerns are developing regarding the safety and traffic backup.  Parents are struggling to get their school age children to class safely and on time.  Folks are having trouble getting to work.  Businesses are suffering from diminished flow.  Some neighborhoods are taking the unfair share of traffic congestion.

Both the Town Council and Caltrans care about these challenges and want to try to make things better.  We welcome additional, solutions-oriented feedback from the community on how certain challenges may be ameliorated for locals—from signage, to live traffic management personnel, to limiting traffic to residents only access. 

This is not to be an attack session (pitchforks not permitted), but rather a constructive exchange of voices and ideas to directly address the specific concerns of the community.  Bring your best solutions and goodwill to the meeting. We have only limited time to get some actionable ideas on the table and to make things better for all. The Topanga Town Council deeply appreciates that Caltrans has taken the time to attend this meeting and to work with us to ease the burden. The council truly is appreciative of the many residents and businesses that have shared with us the chellenges they are facing with this unfortunate road closure and we hope many can make this meeting.  The groundwork we lay tomorrow will establish how proactively we are able to engage on issues like these going forward. Caltrans truly wants to make things better; let’s help them do just that. 

Thank you so much for caring and being part of this wonderful community.  To view the revised agenda, click here.

*Please note that our original featured speaker from the CPUC-Hope Christman-has been rescheduled to next month’s meeting, which is currently tentatively scheduled for April 17th.


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