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Phone Apps to Help You Explore Nature in Topanga
By Eleanor Zeri, The Canyon Chronicle

Topanga is inconveniently convenient. Even during a really inconvenient time, it is conveniently cocooned by nature. How convenient? Don’t ask.

To lessen the vicissitudes of the times, it is important to remain connected.

Here is to re-appropriating “staying connected.” Since Topanga is that rare place, where there is plenty of opportunity to explore the nature around you, I have taken a quick look at the Nature apps for smartphones. In the words of Emerson, “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” So, go out, and stay connected in nature with these fun apps.

iNaturalist—Need to identify a plant? Take a picture of a it and post it on the app. The app’s community, which has more than 400,000 scientists and naturalists, will help you identify it! The app also has a group feature which are centered on specific species or locations, with plenty of aficionados.

Audubon Birds of North America—Audubon Birds of North America features images, descriptions, sounds, and habitat locations of 808 species. It includes a social network of birdwatchers, sharing sightings, photos, maps, and other information to track down the species you are looking for. The app also features Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s eBird database.

Read the rest at The Canyon Chronicle


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