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Business Highlight - Serving Topanga


Serving Topanga, Serving the Community

Many years ago two Topanga businesswomen had a good idea. "Serving Topanga" was launched. This crisp colorful brochure has been coming to just about everyone in our community, quarterly, since then. Both Joanna Gunst and Jenise Blanc-Chance are very involved in Topanga as they are with environmental concerns. They are proud that Serving Topanga is printed on recycled paper with soy ink, which sacrifices nothing in beauty and clarity. As a service to the community they give away one advertising space to a different local non-profit in each issue.

Jenise (pictured on the left), originally from N.Y. is enthusiastic in all she does, especially about Topanga, where she has lived since 1993. Her business 'Canyon Car Service' started in 2000 and is a unique local business. We who have used Canyon Car Service think very highly of Jenise and Randy. Jenise does the selling of all the ad spaces for Serving Topanga.

As for Joanna (pictured on the right), she is a devoted Topangan having been here since 1958. As a website designer she has worked on many local community businesse sites. Her beautiful design concepts stand out in both her website and print work and are reflected in the artistry of Serving Topanga. Her goal is to make each issue stand out so that they are appreciated and noticed.

A large number of us who receive this sturdy colorful brochure keep it until the next one arrives (or longer!). Did a pipe break? Is my computer acting up? Would I like to have a new fence? Or sell my house? These people have noticed what Joanna & Jenise have known for years: the brochure advertisers repeat because their customers do & more customers call them.  This is advertising that works.

Please visit their website:  www.ServingTopanga.com

Serving Topanga brochure



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