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Study Finds Microplastics in Bottled Water

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Vast Majority of Bottled Water Contaminated by Microplastics, Study Says

When Abigail Barrows of Ocean Analytics analyzed 19 different brands of bottled water as part of a study commissioned by The Story of Stuff Project, she found all but one brand to be contaminated with plastic microfibers.

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Hey! Your Water Doesn't Actually Come From the Tap

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A Message From LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl's Office

"It happens without you even noticing--you walk into your bathroom or kitchen, you turn on your faucet, and water flows. But have you ever thought about where that water actually comes from? It's an important question to explore, especially considering the prolonged drought Southern California has been experiencing for most of the last decade. " 

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LA County Supervisor (3rd District) Sheila Kuhl
Assembly Member (50th District) Richard Bloom
State Seator (27th District) Henry Stern


State of California Governor Gavin Newsom
National Park Service Santa Monica Mountains
California State Parks


Classifieds Paymnet Success

Classifieds Paymnet Success


Topanga Canyon Boulevard Roadside Committee (TCBRC)

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LA County Supervisor's Office 3rd District
Timothy Lippman
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Through a collaborative partnership, the Topanga Canyon Boulevard partners has been working since June 2012 identifying the goals within the Topanga Creek Watershed Plan of 2002 that will promote public safety, fire safety, address and manage invasive plants, and protect the natural environment of the Topanga Creek Watershed along Topanga Canyon Boulevard (SR-27). There are three subcommittees within the TCBRC dealing with communications, best management practices (BMP), and mapping. These subcommittees hold separate meetings to discuss more specific objectives in order to help and more efficiently realize the larger goals of the TCBRC.

The mission of the Topanga Canyon Boulevard Roadside Committee, an ad hoc advisory group, working collaboratively with related public agencies and community organizations, is to plan and execute sustainable solutions by April 2013 to manage roadside brush clearance along TCB/State Route 27 that promote public safety and best management practices for fire safety, invasive plant management, and protection of the natural environment of the Topanga Creek Watershed, by using methods, other than herbicides, consistent with the goals and policies of the Topanga Creek Watershed Plan of 2002.

TCBRC at Work:
The committee has put months of effort into developing and customizing a corridor management plan that addresses the enhancement of public safety, the protection of the environment along the roadside, and the concerns of the community.”

The corridor management plan includes best management practices for vegetation management: active participation from the community and property owners with parcels that abut SR-27; planting non-invasive vegetation; and using mowers and other mechanical tools instead of herbicides to remove brush and other vegetation along the highway.

The TCBRC hopes to invite and encourage Topangans to become a partner in their vegetation management program and to take pride and participate in preserving the natural environment of TCB.


TCB Roadside Committee Member Photo by Annemarie Donkin, Topanga Messenger

Topanga Emergency Management Task Force (TEMTF)


LA County Supervisor's Office 3rd District
West Valley/Mountain Communities Dist.
26600 Agoura Road, Ste. 100, Calabasas, CA  91302





The mission of the Topanga Emergency Management Task Force, a partnership of designated public agencies, non-governmental organizations, and community organizations is to ensure the sustainability emergency management efforts and strategies for the Los Angeles County unincorporated area of Topanga.

The Task Force oversees the coordination and communication among governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the community to improve preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery. It will develop, review, and monitor community-based emergency plans, facilitate emergency planning exercises, ensure community involvement and educational outreach, and evaluate and update emergency plans after a disaster.

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